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NextEnergy NXE
  • NextEnergy NXE
Power Range: 250 - 400 kVA


• High efficiency up to 97% in double conversion 
• kW = kVA (pf 1) up to 40°C
• Transformerless UPS
• High overload capacity
• Interactive Touch Screen
• Full front access, back to back install

The NextEnergy NXE range is the next generation of modern, super-efficient UPS systems to power the mission-critical environments of today (and tomorrow).

This three-phase, tower-style uninterruptible power supply uses state-of-the-art transformerless technology to deliver efficiency of up to 97%. An innovative Efficiency Control System optimises operational efficiency to minimise energy waste even at partial loads, while its pioneering design incorporates forced ventilation that extracts heat generated by internal components. 
Works with or without a neutral connection, which can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the power distribution system.

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A three-phase 250-400 VA uninterruptible power supply utilising the latest double conversion online UPS technology, the NextEnergy NXE protects against blackouts along with the power fluctuations generated by non-linear loads. 

Delivering unity power factor and capable of operating efficiency up to 97%, this tower-style uninterruptible power supply combines high performance with low running costs. Its Efficiency Control System optimises efficiency depending on the power absorbed by the load to ensure prime performance even with partial loads. 

Easy to install with top and bottom cable entry as standard, front to top ventilation – which eliminates rear clearance, enabling back-to-back install – and complete front access for all maintenance and servicing, up to eight NXEs can operate in parallel to increase capacity or build-in redundancy.  

The NextEnergy NXE doesn’t require a neutral connection, which potentially reduces the cost of the power distribution system. Hot System Expansion (HSE) functionality makes it easy to add extra UPS into an existing system without the need to either switch units off or transfer to bypass. 

Select from various UPS operating modes to improve energy efficiency and enhance performance: 

- Online Mode: maximum load protection and output voltage quality 

- Eco Mode: maximum efficiency up to 98% as the load is powered by the mains only 

- Smart Active Mode: UPS automatically decides what mode to run depending on the stability of the incoming supply 

- Standby Off Mode: for loads such as emergency lighting, which don’t need power until the mains supply fails 

- Frequency Converter Mode: enables the output frequency to be different to the UPS input frequency 

Specially-designed, superior components can perform at high temperatures up to 40oC, with the UPS design incorporating forced ventilation that effectively extracts heat generated by internal components.  

The NextEnergy NXE employs the latest battery management features to prolong life and enhance reliability, while its 7 inch interactive touchscreen display clearly shows voltage, UPS status, battery levels, and other key measurements. 

Fully-compatible with the complete range of Riello UPS communications software, including the advanced PowerShield3 system which allows for the safe shutdown and monitoring of every connected device. 

  • Operating efficiency up to 97%
  • Up to 8 NextEnergy NXE UPS can be paralleled together to either increase capacity or add redundancy
  • Unity power factor
  • Works with or without a neutral connection
  • Ease of installation with top/bottom cable entry and complete front access for all maintenance and servicing



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