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Power Range: 10 - 200 kVA
3:3 3:1


  • Ideal for systems powered by generators or MV/LV transformers 
  • Designed to handle capacitive loads 
  • Parallel up to 8 UPS for extra capacity or redundancy 
  • Efficiency Control System optimises efficiency in parallel installations 
  • Galvanic isolation  


Master MPS (MPM) is a robust and reliable UPS offering online double conversion protection in mission-critical applications such as data centres, telecoms networks, security systems and electro-medical devices. 

Designed to power capacitive loads from 0.9 leading to 0.8 lagging power factor. Hot System Expansion enables extra units to be added without requiring entire UPS to transfer to bypass. Battery Care System ensures maximum battery lifespan.

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The Master MPS uninterruptible power supply is a proven performer in almost any mission-critical environment and can handle capacitive loads such as blade servers too. A popular choice in data centres, telecommunications and IT networks, electro-medical devices, and heavy industry, this online, dual conversion UPS is available as both a three-phase input, three-phase output or three-phase input, single-phase output model. 

With a power range of 10-800 kVA, up to 8 Master MPS can be paralleled together for additional capacity or redundancy. User-friendly Hot System Expansion (HSE) enables extra UPS to join an existing system without the need to turn off the power or transfer to bypass. 

Systems can be configured in a variety of ways to ensure availability and redundancy, including: 

- UPS Group Synchroniser (UGS): enables 2 or more non-parallel UPS devices to remain synchronised even during mains power failure. UGS also enables a Riello UPS to synchronise with another independent power source, even one with a different power rating. 

- Parallel Systems Joiner (PSJ): this connects 2 groups of UPS in parallel using a power coupling switch. If one of the UPS in the group fails, it is automatically excluded and the PSJ links the remaining UPS to the other group through an external bypass. 

The Master MPS only needs a small installation footprint, for example a 200 kVA system requires just 0.64m2. The tower-style units have a removable front panel allowing for easy servicing and maintenance, while because the fans ventilate upwards, it eliminates any requirement for side or rear entry. This means units can be installed up against the wall or back-to-back to save space. 

Battery reliability is enhanced by a dedicated battery care system. This incorporates comprehensive testing functionality, a temperature compensation feature, and dual level recharging to optimise recharge currents. 

Compatible with Riello UPS’s extensive range of advanced communications and monitoring software such as PowerShield3, which enables the safe shutdown of all connected devices.

  • Up to 8 Master MPS can be installed in parallel for extra capacity or redundancy
  • Hot System Expansion (HSE) add UPS into an existing system with the need to transfer to bypass
  • Available as either three-phase input and output or three-phase input, single-phase output
  • Efficiency Control System (ECS) optimises efficiency based on the power required by the load
  • Delivers quality power in mission-critical environments like data centres, telecoms networks, security systems, electro-medical devices, and industrial applications

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