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  • Manual bypass for use in the event of a malfunction or during maintenance
  • Transfers connected equipment to mains power
  • Available as 16A rack version or 10A/16A wall installation
  • Standard back-feed protection
  • Available with a range of different sockets (IEC, UK 3-pin plug, terminal boards)


Multi Pass is a manual bypass switch that ensures connected devices are transferred to mains power if there is a fault with the UPS or it is switched off for maintenance purposes.

Available for rack or wall installations (16A rack version plus 10A and 16A wall versions). Choice of IEC sockets, terminal boards or 3-pin UK plugs. LED indicator shows when mains power is present.

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Multi Pass is a manual maintenance bypass that cuts out the UPS in the event of a fault or during routine maintenance, enabling connected equipment to be powered directly by the mains electricity supply.

Backfeed protection as standard prevents potentially hazardous upstream voltages and ensures safety for any staff or service engineers.


Choice Of Solutions

Multi Pass is available as a 16 A rackmount version or 10 and 16 A wall-mounted installations, meaning there’s a suitable solution whatever your situation. Choose from a range of different sockets (i.e. IEC connectors, standard 3-pin UK plug, terminal boards).


Seamless Switching

If there’s an issue with your UPS system (i.e. it gets switched off or goes into blocked status), Multi Pass automatically transfers connected devices to the mains power.

Brochures and data sheets

Manual Transfer Switch

Multi Pass 10, 16, 16-R MBB125A 4P, MBB100A 2P

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