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Current Range: 32 - 120 A


  • Available in 3 sizes (32A, 63A, and 120A)
  • Protects single-phase loads with different power ratings
  • Fitted with a manual bypass to easily switch power sources in case of fault
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Connectivity slot enables LAN connection and remote management


Master Switch Single-Phase is a static transfer switch designed to protect single-phase loads with different power ratings. Available in 3 sizes (32A, 63A, and 120A).

Equipped with a manual bypass switch that makes it easy to switch sources in the event of a fault. Includes 3 programmable dry contacts, input for emergency shutdown, RS232 serial connection, plus communications slot for remote monitoring.

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Static transfer switch available in 3 sizes (32A, 63A, and 120A) and designed to protect 1-phase loads with different power ratings.

Features a manual bypass that enables even non-technical staff to easily switch between 2 independent power sources in the event of a supply failure.


Complete Diagnostics

Master Multi Switch features a 32-character LCD display and a control panel with multi-functional keys. This enables you to monitor readings and switch operating statuses quickly and intuitively.

Incorporates 3 programmable dry contacts, RS232 serial connection port, and a communications slot to allow for further LAN connection as well as remote monitoring and control.


Load Protection

In the event of a fault, MMS guarantees switching time between the 2 power sources of less than a quarter of a cycle (< 4 msec for synchronised inputs; < 10 msec for non-synchronised). This is the case for both automatic and manually-triggered switches.

Microprocessor control and the use of thyristor static switches ensure continuous monitoring of the power supply sources and reduced switching times between the two sources in the event of a fault.

Brochures and data sheets

Master Switch STS Single-phase

32-63-120 A Static Transfer Switch

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