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On-Site UPS Services
UPS Installation, Commissioning, Site Surveys & System Testing

Riello UPS’s highly-trained and expert team provides the most comprehensive range of on-site UPS services to help ensure your critical power protection system operates at its best.

Whether it's assistance with commissioning a new system or carrying out complex electrical installations, conducting site surveys or offering in-depth health checks on your units, we’re with you every step of the way to provide the long-term technical support you need.


Electrical Installation

A successful uninterruptible power supply installation can help ensure your power protection system runs at peak performance for years to come. Our fully-certified engineers are qualified to Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) standards and all electrical installations meet strict National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) criteria.

Our work covers all the components, cables, circuit boards, and miniature circuit breakers required to connect the UPS to the mains supply.

We understand that time is precious for all organisations, so installation can be arranged either inside or outside of normal working hours.

All installation work is subject to quotation following an on-site power survey to establish your exact requirements.



Our comprehensive commissioning service gives you the technical assistance to guarantee your system is installed safely and correctly to certified standards. Our expert engineers will ensure installation has been completed correctly, carry out necessary final checks, and power up the system so it’s ready for action.

Commissioning also includes an all-encompassing demonstration of the UPS before handover.


Battery Build

On the occasions where it is physically impossible to deliver and install a pre-built battery cabinet or rack, our expert team will complete the battery build separately, on-site. This involves our team constructing the various components i.e. cabinet, rack, batteries, and breakers at your location.


On-Site Surveys

Riello UPS provides a wide range of on-site tests and surveys that analyse any power problems you may have and determine the best power protection solution for your organisation.

Our expert engineers carry out inspections of electrical wiring, use thermal imaging cameras to detect potential “hot spots”, and collect device data including power usage, load sizing, mains output, and harmonics. We’ll then produce an in-depth report full of actionable recommendations.

For locations with a UPS already installed, our site surveys provide essential advice on optimising your system. They help determine whether components such as batteries, capacitors, and fans need replacement. And if you’re planning to expand, our power surveys can assist with UPS sizing and efficiency.

While for new UPS installations, a site survey will cover key areas such as logistics, electrical installation, commissioning, training, and ongoing UPS maintenance.


System Testing

The Riello UPS service team can perform a wide range of on-site tests including:

  • Battery Testing: we work alongside all major battery manufacturers to offer comprehensive battery testing and, where necessary, battery replacement. This service can include impedance testing to help predict battery lifespan
  • Load Bank Testing: usually carried out as part of the commissioning service or UPS maintenance, our engineers will simulate your critical load to examine the integrity and resilience of UPS system. We offer full AC and DC on-site load testing under controlled conditions


UPS Overhauls 

Our certified and highly-competent engineers will swap out any fans or capacitors that are approaching the end of their useful life. 

Upgrading these key components extends the life of your UPS system and makes sure it runs at peak performance for longer, reducing your risk of a serious fault or failure. 

Learn more about UPS Overhauls.


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