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UPS Maintenance
100% Guaranteed Response Times

Preventive maintenance and regular, ongoing servicing ensures your uninterruptible power supplies and standby power systems run at optimum efficiency.

A UPS is a complex piece of electrical equipment, full of parts and components that will age over time and need replacing. And there are occasions when even the most reliable UPS will experience faults or failure. It’s at critical moments like these that you need reliable, expert support to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Riello UPS sets the industry standard for superior UPS maintenance and support. We offer bespoke plans tailored to the needs of you, the customer. You’re in complete control and can choose the level of maintenance support you require.

Our UPS maintenance plans are built upon these core principles:

  • Clarity: 100% guaranteed response and fix times, no hidden charges
  • Custom: bespoke support and UPS maintenance contracts tailored to the customer’s needs
  • Competence: UK-based technical support, all engineers are fully-trained and certified
  • Coverage: 24/7 availability, nationwide stock of spare parts, thermal imaging, replacement fans, remote monitoring, on-site crash kits



When downtime strikes and you’ve got a fault that needs fixing, we offer a range of emergency response times to best suit your needs.

Our range of UPS maintenance plans commit to guaranteed response times, rather than simply the ‘best endeavours’ of a warranty. When you take out a UPS maintenance contract with Riello UPS, you can be assured that you’re the top priority:



Through our premium Diamond UPS maintenance package, we’re the first UK-based UPS company to commit to not only a guaranteed response time, but a fix time too.

Our pioneering maintenance plan for UPS systems combines an emergency response time inside 4 hours with a pledge to fix the fault inside a further 8 hours. It provides ultimate peace of mind for the most business-critical environments where downtime simply isn’t an option.

And unlike other UPS maintenance companies, where contracts often aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, we back our words up with actions. If we don’t meet these challenging targets, we’ll pay you compensation for the inconvenience. Because when we make promises, you can rely on us to deliver them.



Service Level Agreements With Substance

Riello UPS maintenance plans can cover equipment that’s both inside and outside of its warranty periods. They are also available for Riello UPS and third-party products.

  • 24-7 Technical Support: Our UK-based team is just a phone call away through a single dedicated hotline
  • Rapid Response: 100% guaranteed emergency response (and even fix) times to suit your specific needs
  • Fully-Certified Engineers: All engineers (in-house and authorised service partners) must successfully pass our Certified Engineer training programme
  • Speedy Spare Parts: We store parts in several locations across the UK so they’re with you as quickly as possible, often within hours of a fault being reported
  • On-Site Crash Kits: Flight cases full of key components and spares available for the most business-critical locations
  • Clarity Over Consumables: Apart from batteries and capacitors, all replacement parts and components are covered, including replacement fans
  • No Hidden Costs: Labour costs, including battery replacement labour, included provided it takes place during normal working hours (NB not applicable for Lite plans)
  • UPS Health Checks: An annual Preventive Maintenance Visit (PMV) by one of our fully-certified UPS engineers
  • Free Software Updates: Firmware upgrades automatically installed during every PMV so your system is up-to-date
  • Thermal Imaging: Cutting-edge thermal imaging technology included as standard during UPS health checks to accurately identify heat-related faults
  • Remote Monitoring: Our Riello Connect service gives you the peace of mind of having our team of trained technicians monitoring your UPS around the clock
  • Optional Extras: Our expert team offers a range of added-value services including load bank testing, impedance testing, and battery testing
  • Contract Control: Unlike other providers, there are no automatic contract renewals – the choice is entirely yours

Please note, while many of these features are included as standard, some are optional or only available with specific maintenance plans. Contact our Riello UPS service team for further details and to discuss your specific requirements.


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