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Power Range: 75 - 294 kVA

25÷600 kW + redundancy
42÷1008 kW + redundancy

Multi Power (MPW) is an award-winning modular uninterruptible power supply designed to protect the mission-critical loads found in data centres, telecoms systems, and IT networks. 

This three-phase UPS is manufactured using specially-designed components and transformerless technologies that deliver exceptional efficiency up to 96.5%, and high power density in a compact footprint (466 KW per m²).
Modularity reduces the risk of wasteful oversizing at installation, while offering “pay as you grow” scalability when it’s time to expand, optimising initial investment and total cost of ownership (TCO). 

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An award-winning modular UPS, the compact yet power-packed Multi Power (MPW) sets new standards in reliability, efficiency, and scalability. 

The three-phase power supply in the ultimate choice for mission-critical environments such as data centres and communications networks that require stable and secure high-quality power in a restricted space. 

Available in 25 kW or 42 kW versions and installed in cabinets housing several individual power modules, up to four cabinets can be paralleled together to deliver more than 1 MW of total power. For environments where space is particularly restricted, the Multi Power Combo option incorporates power modules and battery units into a single, all-purpose cabinet. 

The Multi Power is manufactured using specially-designed, custom-made components, including a three-level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) inverter that ensures full-rated power. Advanced, transformerless technology also delivers operational efficiency of up to 96.5%, minimising wasted energy. Comparable performance of up to 95% efficiency is even achievable carrying loads as low as just 20%. 

Modularity minimises the risk of oversizing the UPS system at initial installation, as it can closely correspond to your load and redundancy requirements. But when it’s time to expand, just add in extra power modules and “pay as you grow”. This reduces the initial financial outlay and spreads the investment over the total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Each power module and battery unit making up the Multi Power is hot swappable. This ensures the UPS always remains available, as if there’s ever an issue with one of the modules, the in-built redundancy picks up the slack. This principle extends to downtime-free maintenance too, as any of the modules can be serviced and even replaced without the overall system going offline.  

Wasted energy is minimised thanks to three speed-controlled fans inside each power module, which is built with three microprocessors – rather than the usual one – to enhance user communications.  

A sizeable 7 inch LCD touchscreen control panel enables user-friendly communication, while the UPS is fully-compatible with Riello UPS’s range of network communications software such as PowerShield3, which allows for monitoring and shutdown of all connected devices.  

  • Operating efficiency up to 96.5%
  • Exceptional efficiency even at loads as low as 20%
  • “Pay as you grow” scalability by adding in extra power modules
  • High power density in a compact footprint (466 KW per m²)
  • Hot swappable modules guarantee redundancy and downtime-free maintenance



Multi Power (MPW)

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