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Energy Efficiency & Sustainability 
Reliable Power For A Sustainable World

“Reliable power for a sustainable world” – the Riello UPS philosophy condensed into a few simple words. In practice, we’re a global brand always searching for the most innovative, energy efficient solutions. 

Through intensive R&D and technological innovation, we’re constantly developing uninterruptible power supplies that increase power quality whilst being more energy efficient, reducing the amount of power consumed and wasted.  

As a company we adhere to a robust environmental management system that is certified to the ISO 14001 international standard. 



Our award-winning range of uninterruptible power supplies operates across some of the most business-critical data centres and servers in use. As the demand for storage and processing capacity continues to rise, energy management has become increasingly important. 

Resilience cannot be compromised, but modern ICT equipment must be able to operate at the highest possible levels of efficiency to reduce the pressures on the National Grid. Any reductions in energy consumption also have positive knock-on effects on an organisation’s running costs and carbon footprint.  

Thanks to our world-class R&D and ongoing product innovation, Riello UPS models continuously raise the bar for efficiency in the critical power protection industry. Many models incorporate energy-saving functionality such as ECO and Active ECO operating modes. To clearly demonstrate the environmental performance of our products,

Riello UPS was among the first signatories of the new edition of the “Code of Conduct for the Energy Efficiency of Uninterruptible Power Groups 2021-23” (CoC), agreed with the Joint Research Center (JRC), a body delegated by the European Commission.

According to the new classification, all current Riello UPS transformer-free double conversion ON LINE UPS from 1 kVA upwards exceed the requirements of the highest level of energy efficiency identified as “Elite”. This is an important recognition and an incentive to continue investing in research and the introduction of increasingly efficient models.

The “Elite” level, which will distinguish high energy efficiency UPSs, is important because it will also be used within the specific Code of Conduct for Data Centers: in fact, the parameters of the Code stipulate new Data Centers must only install UPS compliant with the “CoC for UPS Elite requirements”, such as the Riello UPS range of uninterruptible power supplies.


Smart Grid-Ready UPS 

As demands for electricity increase and power generation from traditional sources comes under considerable pressure, the evolution of electrical grids is key to achieving a reliable and sustainable energy supply. 

Smart Grids are becoming fundamental in the way power management systems can balance supply and demand, ensuring we use energy in the most sustainable and efficient way, without compromising on safety or quality of supply.  

In essence, Smart Grids bring together electricity and telecommunications networks to deliver a modern concept of power transmission, with two-way communication between the utility and its customers. The Smart Grid helps manage the behaviour of all connected users generating power from both traditional and renewable sources.  

In this Smart Grid era, the UPS can take on new roles, becoming ‘virtual power plants’ that can combine with renewable energy sources.  

Riello UPS R&D ensures a wide range of our products are ready for this revolution, including the Multi Sentry, the first “Smart Grid-Ready” UPS on the market. Now our NextEnergy, Multi Power, Master HE, Master HP, Master MPS models follow suit.  

All these UPSs can electronically interact with the Smart Grid communication network. They can also independently select the most efficient UPS operating mode in real-time depending on the current status of the energy grid.  


UPS Battery Storage 

Smart Grids not only introduce innovative new concepts to power generation and supply, such as demand side response (DSR). They also provide new business opportunities for UPS systems. Batteries used in uninterruptible power supplies are a significant investment, but in most cases they are only being partially used. 

Many modern UPS have the option to use Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. These deliver much higher power density that the more customary sealed lead acid (SLA) versions, even though they only take up approximately half the space. They also have a faster recharge rate and can handle a significantly higher number of cycles.  

These characteristics enable Li-Ion batteries to generate and store energy during off-peak periods when the grid prices is lower. Then this stored power can either be used to provide power during more expensive peak times, or the surplus can be sold to the National Grid.  

More than 4 GW of power is already stored in UPS units across the UK. And as we move more towards a DSR model of energy network, Riello UPS will continue to champion the environmental and economic benefits of using Li-Ion UPS battery solutions as a source of renewable energy generation. 


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