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Multi Sentry -Range 60-200 kVA
  • Multi Sentry 160-200 kVA
  • Multi Sentry 160-200 kVA
  • Multi Sentry 160-200 kVA
  • Multi Sentry 160-200 kVA
Power Range: 60 - 200 kVA


  • 96.5% operating efficiency (ONLINE mode) reduces energy waste
  • Parallel up to 8 UPS for extra capacity or redundancy
  • Suitable for space-restricted sites thanks to its compact footprint
  • Designed to handle non-linear loads so ideal for blade servers
  • Suitable for sites with limited power capacity or issues with harmonics 


Multi Sentry (MST) is a transformer-free UPS designed to handle capacitive loads without any reduction in active power, making it an ideal choice to protect your data centre or mission-critical telecommunications and IT networks.  

Delivers you exceptional online efficiency of 96.5% and near-unity power factor in one of the smallest footprints in its category. Easily increase your capacity or redundancy by paralleling up to 8 UPS in a single system. 

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A transformerless UPS offering you high efficiency in a compact footprint, the Multi Sentry is a superb solution for sites that have limited power, loads that generate harmonic currents, or where the UPS is supported with a generator.

Choose from 6 power ratings to suit your power needs. Designed to power capacitive loads like blade servers without any reduction in active power. Range of battery cabinet sizes depending on your runtime requirements.


Because 1 Size Doesn’t Fit All…

Multi Sentry is available in 6 power ratings (60-80-100-125-160-200 kVA) to suit your specific power requirements.

It’s a proven solution for protecting everything from small telecoms and ICT networks through to sizeable data centres.


Zero Impact On Power Source

Whether the input is the mains or a generator, the MST has zero impact. It ensures an input power factor (pf) of 0.99 and low current distortion (< 2.5%), while it deploys a power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start-up.

The MST also offers filtering and power factor correction in the network upstream of the UPS.


Exceptional Efficiency

Developed using advanced transformerless technologies including a 3-level inverter and fully-controlled IGBT rectifier, the MST delivers you high efficiency of up to 96.5%, with a flat efficiency curve that minimises waste even at partial loads.


Scalable Solution

Parallel a maximum of 8 MSTs together to scale up your power or build in redundancy (N+1).

Parallel configurations run on a closed-loop system, guaranteeing continuous operation even if there’s an interruption to the connection cable.


Compact Footprint

The MST enjoys one of the most compact footprints in its category, meaning it’s an ideal choice if you’ve got restricted space or under commercial pressure to optimise your floor space.

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Multi Sentry

60-200 kVA

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