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  • Remote monitoring display panel compatible with all Riello UPS systems 
  • Clearly displays data including input and output values, battery charge, and applied load 
  • Versatile tool reports in 7 languages (English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese)  
  • Easily integrates with all major BMS management programs 
  • For use in conjunction with UPS software such as PowerShield³  


MultiPanel is a user-friendly remote monitoring device that provides a detailed overview of all your UPS’ vital data and operating status in real-time on a large and easy-to-understand high-definition LCD display. 

Suitable for use with the entire Riello UPS range, it can report in 7 different languages. Comes with 3 serial ports, 1 to enable UPS monitoring via the Modbus/Jbus protocol, with the other 2 available to connect devices such as a communications card or PC. 

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Easy to use remote monitoring display and control panel that provides a detailed and real-time overview of the current UPS operating status and measurements such as mains power, output load, and battery level.

Communicates with the UPS via a serial port connection and cable. Comes with a handy support stand so it can sit safely and securely on a tabletop.  


Large LCD Display

MultiPanel features a sizeable, intuitive LCD display and control panel showing constantly updating, real-time UPS measurements. It will also highlight any errors or faults with the UPS.

Incorporates several LED status indicators such as whether the UPS is in ECO mode, if the batteries require replacing, and showing when the load is on bypass.

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