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Eco Energy Level
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Eco Energy Level

The Eco Energy Level is a tool developed by Riello UPS to help you easily identify which of our solutions have the highest levels of energy efficiency.

With modern uninterruptible power supplies, sustainability is quickly becoming almost as important a factor as availability and reliability. High energy efficiency isn’t just a desirable characteristic, it’s essential.

Not only do high-efficiency UPS lower your energy consumption, carbon emissions, and overall environmental impact, they can also cut your operating costs, significantly reducing your overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our Eco Energy Level is designed to help you make informed decisions about choosing the most efficient UPS. It transparently rates all our products on a scale of 1-6 according to their level of energy efficiency – the higher the rating, the higher the efficiency (i.e. 6 is the best).

These ratings correspond with the stringent efficiency levels outlined in the ‘Code of Conduct for the Energy Efficiency and Quality of A/C Uninterruptible Power Systems’, a European Commission-approved blueprint that outlines the rules manufacturers should follow to make the most efficient equipment possible.

Since its inception, Riello UPS has been a major promoter of the Code of Conduct and was the first UPS manufacturer in Europe to implement the Eco Energy Level rating on all products.