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Power Range: 30 - 80 kVA


  • Specially designed to handle harsh industrial environments 
  • 94% operating efficiency (Online mode) reduces energy waste 
  • Handles high short circuit currents, so ideal for loads needing high current peaks 
  • Redundant fans even at 100% load 
  • Galvanic isolation 


Master Industrial (MIM) is designed to withstand the vibrations, mechanical stresses and dust that are commonly found in harsh industrial environments such as manufacturing and petrochemical processes, power plants, and electrical distribution.  

Input and isolation transformers sized to the standard 220V guarantees galvanic isolation. Redundant ventilation even at 100% load, with fully monitored fans that automatically alarm if there are any issues.  

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Designed to overcome the challenges such as dust, vibration, and mechanical stresses that would cause a standard UPS to buckle, the Master Industrial range delivers reliable protection in even the harshest, most demanding setting. 

A three-phase, tower-style dual conversion online UPS, it is available in 30 VA, 40 VA, 60 VA, and 80 VA versions, and can achieve operational efficiency up to 94%. 

With a high short-circuit current that makes it an excellent choice for loads requiring high current peaks, it is made for heavy industrial applications, for example, manufacturing processes, electrical power distribution, or power plants. 

Batteries deliver a consistent 220 Vdc voltage, the industrial norm, with sophisticated battery care system ensuring enhanced performance and resilience.  

Redundant ventilation at 100% load is standard, while each fan is individually monitored and alarmed to highlight any issues. 

Fully-compatible with the range of advanced network communications software such as PowerNetGuard and PowerShield3 provided by Riello UPS. 

  • Operational efficiency up to 94%
  • Capable of handling harsh industrial environments where vibrations, dust, and mechanical stresses are common
  • Suitable for industrial applications such as manufacturing and petrochemical processes, power plants, and electrical distribution
  • High short-circuit current makes it suitable for loads that need high current peaks
  • Redundant ventilation at 100% load as standard


Master Industrial

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