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24-7 UPS Remote Monitoring

Our Riello Connect uninterruptible power supply remote monitoring service is a cloud-based, secure platform providing round-the-clock protection to your mission-critical equipment.

Highly-trained and experienced Riello UPS technical specialists continually study your UPS system and batteries’ performance and analyse operational data.

Not only does this ensure any alarms or faults are automatically detected and so can be resolved as quickly as possible.

But it also means our experts are able to proactively identify and fix potential failures before they have chance to develop into something more serious.


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What Is Remote Monitoring For UPS?

Simple Network Management Protocols (SNMP) enable key performance data such as input and output voltage, load level, or battery voltage to be exchanged between the UPS and the Riello Connect platform.

If any faults or alarms are triggered, real-time notifications are automatically sent to you by SMS or email, while our trained technicians remotely investigate the issue, perform remote diagnostics, and where necessary, arrange for a field service engineer to repair the fault on-site.

It’s why Riello Connect is particularly popular with the most mission-critical environments, for enterprise-wide networks with UPSs spread across several locations, or for unmanned sites.


What Are The Benefits Of UPS Remote Monitoring?

  • Expert technicians continually monitoring the performance of your uninterruptible power supply
  • Round-the-clock 24/7, 365 days a year support
  • Suitable for unmanned locations or multi-site networks
  • Minimise number of on-site visits and reduce UPS maintenance costs
  • Early fault detection to minimise risk of critical failure
  • Automated alarm notification by SMS or email
  • Performance reports based on historical data identify areas for improvement
  • System optimisation by analysing real-time and historical data from numerous UPS units
  • Highly-secure as data is SSL encrypted and requires two-step verification to access
  • Ease of installation only requiring a NetMan 204 network communication card and internet accessam to discuss options for monitoring your critical power installation


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