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PowerNetGuard  software


  • RFC1628 standard ensures consistent network-wide UPS management  
  • Displays and logs key operational data including voltage, load, and battery charge  
  • Sends automated alarm notifications via email or SMS  
  • Multi-user access with a variety of security levels 
  • Compatible with UPS made by 3rd party manufacturers 


PowerNetGuard is a simplified UPS management software designed for data centres and medium-to-large networks. Uses SNMP protocols and RFC1628 standards to enable centralised control and monitoring using a single application. 

Provides a detailed graphical display of all the operating data required for first-level diagnostics. Also logs all changes in operating states and physical parameters. Works with Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems. 

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Intuitive and easy to use, PowerNetGuard is a perfect UPS management tool for data centres and IT managers overseeing medium-to-large networks.

Compatible with all main operating systems (i.e. Microsoft, Linux, Mac, Solaris) and highly-secure with multi-level access for various users. Also suitable for use with UPS made by other manufacturers.


Powerful But User-Friendly Interface

Software provides a simple but powerful graphical illustration of events and operating data needed to carry out first-level diagnostics. Automatically sends SMS and email notifications to key responders if any UPS alarms are triggered.


Simplified UPS Management

PowerNetGuard allows you to manage all the UPS in your infrastructure using a single application. This ensures you can monitor and manage efficiently, meaning you’ll get prompt warnings of any faults or malfunctions.


Supports Third Party UPS

Allows you to manage UPSs from other manufacturers via SNMP using their own network boards. This enables you to centralise the management of a sizeable UPS fleet into a single system without needing to use a range of differing applications.

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