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Power Range: 30 - 125 kVA

30-125 kVA 400 Hz

The Master FC400 is a 30-125 kVA range of frequency converter UPS power supplies designed for applications in environments such as airports, naval bases, shipyards, and military facilities.

Available purely as a frequency converter or an online UPS offering battery backup, it ensures minimal impact on the mains with a low harmonic input and progressive start rectifier.
Capable of a 50 or 60 Hz input and 400 Hz output, it delivers a three-phase output voltage of 208 Vac. 

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An ideal solution for specific settings such as airports, ports, and military bases, the Master FC400 in a three-phase online UPS that specialises in frequency conversion and galvanic isolation. 

Available in 30 VA, 60, VA, 80 VA, 100 VA, or 125 VA and delivering 40 Hz output from either a 50 or 60 Hz input, this uninterruptible power supply is a reliable choice for IT and transportation systems incorporating sophisticated equipment like radars and flight control systems. 

Because its low harmonic input and progressive start rectifier have a minimal impact on the mains supply, the Master FC400 is a proven system to use at sites powered by a generator. It delivers three-phase output voltage of 208 Vac and can achieve operating efficiency up to 92%. 

With a compact footprint, for example, the most powerful 125 kVA model requires just 0.86m2, these tower-style systems are easy to install. Its fans are located at the top of the cabinet, so side or rear access isn’t an issue, meaning it can be situated right up against a wall. 

And maintenance is simple too thanks to a removable front panel which gives service engineers ample access to all relevant parts and components. 

The Master FC400 can run as purely a static frequency converter or with batteries to provide standby electricity in the event of power failure. 

Easily integrates with the full suite of advanced networking and communications software from Riello UPS, including PowerNetGuard and PowerShield3.

  • Static frequency converter with optional battery backup suitable for applications such as airports, naval bases, shipyards, and military facilities
  • Operational efficiency up to 92%
  • Delivers three-phase output voltage of 208 Vac
  • Fans located at top of cabinet, eliminating need for side or rear access
  • Removable front panel for easy maintenance access 



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