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07 May, 2019
Welcoming The New 250 kVA NXE
Compact three-phase UPS power supply guarantees high power density and energy efficiency in a minimal footprint.

Riello UPS’s super-efficient NextEnergy range reinforced with a new and improved version of the NXE 250.  

Like the entire NXE family, the 250 kVA model is manufactured using the most innovative transformerless technologies that provide unbeatable dual conversion online UPS protection.  

Designed to meet the power requirements of the future and deliver maximum availability in mission-critical applications such as data centres, the NextEnergy offers unity power factor and features a broad range of energy-saving attributes that reduce operating costs without compromising on performance.  

In online mode, the NXE is capable of TÜV-certified operational efficiency up to 97%, which can increase to 99% in Eco or Smart Active mode.  

In addition, a new operating mode called Active Eco enables the load to be fed – at high efficiency – from the bypass line, while at the same time working as an active filter to reduce any current harmonics, increasing the power factor towards the entrance network.  

Other ‘best in class’ energy efficiency measures include: 

  • Efficiency Control System (ECS) which optimises efficiency in parallel UPS systems depending on the power absorbed by the load  
  • Smart cooling based on the load level combined with forced ventilation that extracts heat from internal components 


The NextEnergy range offers data centre operators and IT managers exceptional flexibility.  

It can be installed with or without a neutral connection, potentially reducing power distribution system costs, while up to 8 UPS can operate in parallel to provide increased capacity or redundancy. Hot System Expansion (HSE) functionality enables extra UPS to be added without having to shut down the system or switch to bypass.  

Allowing cable entry from the top or bottom, the compact NXE cabinet gives full front access for simple servicing and maintenance. Front to top ventilation also eliminates rear clearance, opening up the possibility of space-saving back-to-back installation. 

A sizeable 7-inch colour LCD touchscreen display panel showing voltage, UPS status, and battery levels puts full control at the user’s fingertips, while the NextEnergy also comes with an array of communications ports and is fully-compatible with Riello UPS’s full suite of communications software such as PowerShield3. 


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NextEnergy: Riello UPS expands range that redefines the standards for UPS in Data Centres and mission critical applications