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21 October, 2021
NextEnergy (NXE) Range Boosted By New 800 kVA Version
Our super-efficient NXE series expands yet again with launch of an even bigger version designed for larger data centres. With the addition of the NXE 800, the NextEnergy range is now capable of powering parallel installations up to a massive 6.4 MVA.

This makes NextEnergy (NXE) an ideal solution for the hyperscale and colocation data centres crucial in sectors such as telecoms, finance, commerce, and insurance. 

With the addition of this latest model, the NXE now has a power range of 250-800 kVA with the NXE 800 joining the already available 250 kVA, 300, kVA, 400 kVA, 500 kVA, and 600 kVA versions.

The entire three-phase UPS range is based on advanced technologies including IGBT controllers and three-level controls.

This enables the entire NXE family to deliver unity power (kW = kVA) and TÜV-certified operational efficiency of 97% in maximum protection double-conversion online UPS mode.


Sensational Scalability

Parallel up to 8 UPSs to increase power, autonomy, or redundancy. And Hot System Expansion (HSE) functionality enables you to easily add extra UPS without having to transfer to bypass.


Exceptional Energy Savings

As well as guaranteeing up to 97% efficiency in online mode, the NXE features several operating modes offering additional energy savings. ECO mode increases efficiency to 99%, while ACTIVE ECO achieves 98.5% efficiency and filters out harmonics without the need for any power factor correction.


Installation Flexibility

NextEnergy offers front to top ventilation and full front panel access for maintenance and servicing. This ensures a wide range of installation configurations i.e. side-by-side, back-to-back, against the wall. It also works with or without a neutral connection, potentially reducing installation costs of the electrical distribution system.


Lithium-Ion Compatible

The NXE 800 is compatible with li-ion batteries that are becoming increasingly popular as an energy storage solution.


Advanced Communications And Controls

Fully integrates with all major Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and monitoring software, thanks to a broad range of ports and slots for communication cards. 


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Riello UPS expands the NextEnergy range with new 800 kVA model