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16 September, 2019
Our energy and environmental excellence is recognised in the new edition of this influential publication.

The Parliamentary Review is an independent series of periodicals sent to more than 500,000 business leaders and political figures every year. 

It is co-chaired by Lord Blunkett, former Labour Home Secretary, and Lord Pickles, Local Government and Communities Secretary during the 2010-2015 coalition government. The publications are edited by another ex-politician, the former Conservative MP David Curry.  

Each document focuses on an area of government policy, such as healthcare, transport, or education, and shares examples of best practice from organisations operating in those sectors. 



Riello UPS appears in the new Energy and Environment edition, which begins with a foreword from Michael Gove MP, the UK government’s current Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.  

We feature in a three-page article as one of the edition’s ‘Best Practice Representatives’. After offering a bit of background about Riello UPS here in the UK and the wider Riello Elettronica group, we shift the focus to the nation’s evolving energy mix. 

As renewables such as solar and wind play an increasing role, it’s likely we’ll shift towards smart grids as a means to balance supply with demand. 

Smart grid-ready UPS systems harnessing the full power of battery storage could play a huge part in this. 

At present, many data centres and similarly mission-critical businesses are reluctant to get involved, fearing using their batteries in such a way could undermine system reliability. 

We explain how there is a way for them to participate in demand side response mechanisms without compromising on resilience.  

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