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23 February, 2021
Sentryum Series Expands With 30 & 40 kVA Models
Our third generation of transformerless online UPS just got even bigger and more versatile.

Sentryum is Riello UPS’s third generation of transformerless UPS designed to maximise availability, efficiency, and performance in mission-critical applications.   

Delivering outstanding performance and up to 96.5% efficiency in a compact footprint, it’s a proven solution for smaller and medium data centres, as well as mission-critical applications in the IT, industrial, telecommunications, transport, and medical areas.

Now the existing 10-20 kVA versions are complemented by new 30-40 kVA models. The new additions both come with a choice of two cabinet sizes to maximise battery autonomy and optimise floor space: Active (ACT), 2 battery strings in 0.35 m2 footprint or Xtend (XTD), 3 battery strings in 0.4 m2 footprint.


Sentryum’s key features include:

  • High overload and short circuit capacity
  • Easily increase power or battery autonomy by installing up to 8 UPS in parallel (three-phase version only)
  • Parallel installations operate on a closed loop system, ensuring the UPS system keeps running even if there’s an issue with the cable connection
  • Power at your fingertips thanks to a 5-inch colour touchscreen display panel clearly showing real-time data and allowing you to adjust the operating mode
  • Innovative LED status indicator which automatically changes colour depending on the current operating mode and UPS status
  • Designed to handle capacitive loads like blade servers without any reduction in active power
  • Flexibility from a choice of power ranges and cabinet sizes. Choose from 3 frames: Compact, Active or Xtend for 10-20 kVA; Active or Xtend for 30-40 kVA versions
  • Reliability and efficiency from a transformerless UPS that delivers unity power (pf 1) and operating efficiency up to 96.5%, which minimises wasted energy
  • Unique control system that reduces harmonic voltage distortion (<1% at resistive load and < 1.5% at non-linear load)
  • Handles high overloads (125% for 10 minutes or 150% for 1 minute) and short circuits (270% for 200ms or 150% for 300ms), meaning you won’t have to transfer to bypass to deal with sudden peak loads.


Cabinet layout description Freestanding type with wheels and terminals/switches on front Freestanding type with wheels and terminals/switches on front
Battery Space for: 2x40 blocks Space for: 3x40 blocks
Ventilation Forced, front to rear Forced, front to rear(Air filter door as option)
Cabinet IP rating IP20 finger proof (either with cabinet doors open or closed) IP20 finger proof (either with cabinet doors open or closed) IP21/31 as option
Cable input Bottom (front) Bottom (front)


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Riello UPS Sentryum uninterruptible power supplies: greater power availability with new 30 and 40 kVA/kW models