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03 February, 2021
Computer donation helping two schools deliver remote learning.

Riello UPS is proud to donate 20 nearly new laptops that will help pupils at a pair of local primary schools power on with their remote learning during the pandemic.

We’ve provided 10 refurbished laptops each to Victoria CP in Wrexham and Montgomery Church In Wales School in Powys. Children of Riello UPS staff attend both of the educational establishments.


“Schools and parents have been doing a brilliant job delivering remote learning during the pandemic, even though it’s been a huge challenge. We’ve experienced something similar too, with many of our staff adjusting to working from home.


“As part of our business continuity planning, we regularly review our supplies of IT equipment. Our latest review found we had 20 spare laptops, all less than a year old, so almost as good as brand new.


“Rather than let them go to waste sitting in our IT room, we thought local schools could make good use of them, particularly ones where some of our staff have children attending.”

- Leo Craig, Managing Director of Riello UPS

Image above shows some of the pupils from Montgomery Church in Wales School with one of the devices. The donation has understandably been warmly received by teachers at both schools, as well as grateful pupils and parents.


“We are so grateful to Riello UPS for their timely and generous offer of 10 ‘nearly new’ laptops for use in school.


“Their kind offer could not have come at a better time as we try to source digital devices for our pupils to work remotely at home during lockdown.


“It is a wonderful gesture that will enable more children to access their learning on online platforms at this challenging time.”

- Deborah Eccles, Headteacher at Victoria CP School


“The challenge of this lockdown has been that we have had children learning at home and at school. Therefore, before the gifting of ten laptops from Riello UPS, we were limited about how many laptops that we could loan out to our families.


“The additional laptops mean that we have been able to loan out more devices to our larger families and also give out these newer laptops to families who had been managing with older, slower devices. 


“We would like to thank Riello UPS for identifying our school to benefit from such as generous donation. The improved ICT provision will also help our children prepare for the new curriculum.


“The target is for every school in Wales to have one device between two pupils. Thanks to Riello UPS we are now well on our way to achieving this and preparing our pupils for the challenges of the 21st Century.”

- Anna Griggs, Headteacher at Montgomery Church In Wales School


One young girl in year 5 of Montgomery Church In Wales School said: “Before I was trying to do my learning using my mum's phone. The laptop from Riello has really helped my independent learning.”

While another year 5 pupil added: “Before I was using my mum's old, slow laptop but she also needed it for her work. Now, I love having my own laptop at home and I am getting more confident with my online learning all the time.”