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29 May, 2019
Compact yet powerful 5-10 kVA STW series is perfect for protecting telecoms networks, IT systems, and emergency lighting.

The latest addition to Riello UPS’s range of uninterruptible power supplies combines exceptional reliability and efficiency with a compact footprint.  

Delivering unity power factor, the Sentinel Tower (STW) is available in 5-6 kVA versions with single-phase input and output or 8-10 kVA models offering single/three-phase input and single-phase output. 

Up to 3 STW can operate in parallel to ensure redundancy or offer the scope for easy upsizing, making it an ideal choice for protecting mission-critical equipment and devices in sectors such as health, finance, and public transport. The UPS continue to operate in parallel even if the connection cable is interrupted (Closed Loop). 

Each version uses advanced double conversion online UPS technology and a three-level inverter which offers operating efficiency up to 95%. Input and output filters also protect the load against any network disturbances and lightning. 

Users can choose from a full range of operating modes to increase efficiency and performance, including an Eco Mode which produces up to 98% operating efficiency. 

The STW incorporates automatic and manual battery testing functionality, while for applications requiring longer autonomy, extended runtime (ER) versions are available fitted with an enhanced 6A battery charger. 

Equipped with wheels for portability plus a range of USB slots and communication ports, the Sentinel Tower also incorporates a new and improved LCD display and control panel.