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Data Centre UPS

The importance of a reliable data centre UPS system has never been greater. In a society increasingly dependent on the internet and connectivity, fast, safe storage and processing of data is a top priority. 

At the higher end of the Uptime Institute’s Data Centre Tier Standards, 99.99% and above uptime is non-negotiable – to put it simply, downtime isn’t an option. 

Riello UPS is the proven choice for data centre operators throughout the UK. From 400VA to 6.4MVA, our products power everything from single server rooms and compact edge data centres, through to sprawling hyperscales and colocation facilities.  

Designed and manufactured by our in-house technical experts, our data centre UPS systems are made with the most advanced and high-performing components to guarantee maximum resilience. 


Energy efficiency 

Every data centre operator keeps a keen eye on their environmental impact. Riello UPS power supplies are manufactured using the latest technologies that ensure category-leading efficiency without compromising on system resilience or performance. 

Our products come with a choice of user-programmable and automated operating modes, such as Eco or Smart Active, which enhance operational efficiency even further up to 99%. 

While we are the first UK UPS manufacturer to rank our products using Eco Energy Levels based on their efficiency. This enables you to make the most informed choice about the best data centre UPS that’ll minimise your power consumption. 


Minimal footprint 

Any data centre operator with one eye on the annual accounts would rather utilise their space on lucrative server racks than the insurance policy of a UPS system.  

Some of our best-selling data centre power supplies also come with the most compact footprint in their category (i.e. the Multi Sentry, Sentryum - Compact, Active, Xtend, flexibility of autonomy and dimensions, NextEnergy trasformer-less solution and Master HE ranges), while our modular Multi Power (MPW andMPX) offers power density up to 466 KW per m². That’s lots of space freed up to generate you additional revenues. 



Our award-winning range spans standalone, parallel, and modular systems. It includes single-phase or three-phase UPS, plus models that don’t require a neutral connection.  

You’ve the choice of freestanding static units or rack-mounted versions depending on your installation environment. 

  • Ultimate reliability 
  • Reduced energy consumption 
  • Compact footprint 
  • Flexibility 
  • Data centres 
  • Server farms 
  • Large databases 
  • Telecommunications and IT networks 
  • Banks, insurance and other financial institutions 

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