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05 November, 2012
The VISION DUAL (VSD) series of line interactive (VI) UPS...

The VISION DUAL (VSD) series of line interactive (VI) UPS is available with single phase input and output, and in dual format suitable for both Tower and Rack installations.

Available in: 1100 VA, 1500 VA, 2200 VA, 3000 VA - all with an excellent output power factor of 0.9. 2200 VA and 3000 VA version ER (Extended Recharger) is available with enhanced 6A charger holder and a battery pack. (Please note: 1100 VA to 1500 VA models are currently not available in the ER configuration).
The series is completed with its Battery Box range, which match the design of the UPS. The Battery Boxes can accommodate one (7Ah) or two (14 Ah) battery strings. All boxes are supplied without a battery charger. Please note: the VISION DUAL shares the battery box with the Sentinel Dual Low Power (SDH) series.

Main features of the VISION DUAL series:
- Line Interactive (VI) with sinusoidal output even in battery mode
- High efficiency
- Section automatic frequency output (auto-sensing)
- Ventilation front / back - LCD Display
- AVR Buck / Boost
- Hot Swappable internal battery pack
- RS232 and USB ports
- Contact REPO
- Communication expansion card slot (eg second USB and RS 232, SNMP, ModBus, etc..).
- Eco Mode (AVR disabled)
- Energyshare plugs

Important: The new series replaces the standard Dialog Vision Dual Power Vision 1500, 2200 and 3000 VA The Dialog Vision series will remain available in one unit version (1U): 500/800/1100 VA DVR

Advantages of the new VISION DUAL series
- Power factor of 0.9, therefore more power available to the load
- Increased efficiency
- Configuration flexibility thanks to the introduction of the ER version
- Modern Design
- Improved performance of LCD display
- Optimized for Battery Box, sharing the same number of SDH.

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