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28 June, 2011
The Riello UPS Multi Sentry has long lead the field in energy efficient power protection.
The Riello UPS Multi Sentry has long lead the field in energy efficient power protection. With the addition of the latest 60kVA and 80kVA modules, an even wider range of installations will be able to benefit from the energy and cost-saving potential of this industry-leading UPS system. The Riello Multi Sentry is designed to meet the specific energy demands of high-density, high-pressure environments such as data centers and telecoms networks; maximising resilience, minimizing costs and optimizing energy efficiency. In fact, the exceptional quality of the design and technology used by Riello allow the Multi Sentry UPS to operate with an industry-leading on-line efficiency, which can provide up to a 50% saving in energy usage per annum compared to a traditional UPS. Advanced technology to optimize efficiency Multi Sentry is easy to install, and with single and three-phase compatibility utilising on-line double conversion technology, it is the ideal solution for sites that have limited power capacity, generators or problems with harmonics. It has zero-impact on its upstream power supply, and also acts as filter and phase-shift protection device. The Multi Sentry range is rated as a Level 6 product on Riello’s unique Eco Energy Level Scale, achieving exceptional performance with a surprisingly small footprint of 0.4m2 – freeing up valuable floor-space. Multi Sentry also has a range of advanced battery optimisation features; extending the average working life of a battery set and reducing lifetime management costs. Luca Buscherini marketing manager of Riello UPS said: “We are pleased to be able to offer the 60-80kVA versions of the Multi Sentry, which completes our range in this series from 10-120kVA. “This extensive line of energy efficient UPS not only meets the most challenging demands of the data centre environment, but also meets the scalability requirements of this growing business sector; minimising costs and maximizing resilience” Increased communication and adaptable protection Multi Sentry also has a sophisticated range of communications options, including a front graphic display panel providing real-time measurements, operating status and alarm conditions; a variety of options for remote monitoring, extended runtime applications, temperature monitoring, electrical isolation and power distribution. Thanks to a variety of configurations, available accessories and coverage by Riello’s comprehensive service options, the complete Multi Sentry range is also one of the most flexible UPS available today. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, the Multi Sentry is one of the best UPS for the protection of high-density loads (such as blade servers) within IT and other critical environments. The Multi Sentry 60-80kVA is also featured in the latest Riello product catalogue, which covers the full range of leading edge energy-efficient Riello UPS products and services including Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Static Transfer Switches, Generators and Flywheels.