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MultiCOM 421


  • Enables the UPS to connect to a Profinet IO network
  • For use in industrial environments and factories using automation technology  
  • Compatible with all Riello UPS with a communications slot 
  • Maximum 216 bytes input 6 bytes output data  
  • For use in conjunction with UPS software such as PowerShield³  


MultiCOM 421 is a communications card that enables you to connect your UPS to a Profinet IO network. 

Designed for industrial environments such as manufacturing factories using automation technologies. Builds on the Profibus field bus design, one of the most popular methods for communicating between automation control systems and distributed I/O hardware. 

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MultiCOM 421 is a network card that easily enables you to connect a Riello UPS unit to a Profinet IO network.

Profinet is a further development of the Profibus field bus communications standard. It is designed to collect data from and control equipment in industrial systems, with a particular strength in delivering data under tight time constraints.

Employing universal Ethernet-based communication, Profinet is ideal for automation applications and industrial environments including the oil and gas sector.