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Multi Guard Industrial
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  • Multi Guard Industrial module with board
  • Multi Guard Industrial module
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  • Multi Guard Industrial
  • Multi Guard Industrial
Power Range: 160 kVA
1-3:3 1-3:1


  • Specially designed to deliver in harsh industrial settings 
  • Available as a standalone solution or modular version 
  • “Pay as you grow” scalability by adding extra modules or cabinets 
  • Versatile system supports single-phase or three-phase input 
  • Guarantees high-quality power (0.99 pf) 


Multi Guard Industrial is a modular solution developed to ensure quality continuous power in industrial settings or similarly harsh environments. Available as a standalone 20 kVA model or as a modular solution offering up to 160 kVA in a single system.

Flexible solution delivers near unity power and is available in both 1-phase and 3-phase output configurations. Multi Guard accepts both single-phase and three-phase inputs without the need for special setup. Parallel 2 cabinets for 160 kVA of power.  

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Multi Guard Industrial is a flexible modular UPS designed to deliver power continuity in settings subject to harsh environmental conditions or tough industrial processes.

Suitable for complex networks that include both 1-phase (i.e. railway voltage) and 3-phase (i.e. standby generators) supplies. Power factor correction eliminates any harmonics and reactive power generated by the utility supply.


Adapts To Input Voltage

1-phase and 3-phase output versions available. Input stage can accept both a triplet of 3-phase supplies out of phase by 120 degrees (400V) or in-phase (single-phase 230V).

Adapts to the input without the need for additional configuration, ensuring consistent performance under both applied voltage conditions.


Modular Solution

Multi Guard Industrial is available as either a 20 kVA standalone UPS or as a modular UPS. Each cabinet houses up to 4 20 kVA modules, meaning you can scale from 20-80 kVA without having to increase your footprint.

While 2 cabinets can run in parallel, allowing you to “pay as you grow” and scale up to 160 kVA of power as and when required.  


Robust Design

Each module’s communication signal connections are separated from the power connections (i.e. input, output, bypass line, battery), ensuring complete isolation from any interference generated by the power supply grid, which is typically distributed in industrial environments.

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Multi Guard Industrial

20x160 kVA

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