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16 March, 2021
Sirio Power Supplies helping guarantee maximum power at the Audi Brand Experience Center.

The AUDI AG Brand Experience Center event and conference building at Munich Airport has 1,650 photovoltaic elements (dark glass surfaces) whose electricity is used to supply the building and the charging stations for e-vehicles. (Image: AUDI AG)


Inside Munich Airport, Audi AG manages approximately 78 AC charging points and six fast-charging, high power charging points to help satisfy the ever-increasing demand from airport users using electric cars.

The Audi Brand Experience Center, located inside the airport in the Bavarian capital, also incorporates 1,650 photovoltaic panels which generate approximately 42,000 kWh of energy every year.

Deploying a pair of Riello Power Systems’ Sirio Power Supply (SPS) helps the site manage the excess energy produced by either enabling it to feed back into the electricity grid or stored and used to operate the buildings.

The two energy storage systems are equipped with high voltage batteries coming from disused Audi e-tron electronic test vehicles – embracing the second life of batteries concept – which are capable of absorbing the energy needs for up to three days.

The storage systems are designed to monitor the electricity consumption of the entire building and of the individual charging stations, along with the state of charge of the energy accumulators and battery charge in periods of low absorption.

The installed SPSs continuously monitor the power supply, preventing the system from overloading. In fact, during the use of the recharging stations, the energy required is very high, and it is the Peak Shaving functionality of the solutions that helps to avoid damaging overloads.

In addition, the SPS solution provided by Riello Power Systems allows vehicles to be recharged quickly and complete in around 45 minutes, although it can take a further 15 minutes for the batteries to be fully-charged.

SPS integrates the functions of a UPS system, meaning it can protect the charging stations in the event of a power failure. It can also offer protection to the connected electrical loads, improving the energy quality of the network to avoid problems such as distortions, voltage drops, spikes and frequency fluctuations.

Operating in such a way makes the UPS system an important part of the Audi Brand Experience Center’s overall global sustainability concept.


Case Study

Riello UPS and AUDI for e-mobility

Riello UPS and AUDI for e-mobility

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